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More Than An Insurance Agent – A Partner You Can Count On

More Than An Insurance Agent – A Partner You Can Count On

Contrary to what some say, when it comes to insurance cutting out the middleman doesn’t serve you well. Here are some very powerful reasons why your company should partner with a good insurance agent and how they can assist you.

Your Independent Insurance Agent Works For You

In today’s internet-driven world, it may seem logical to buy directly from an insurer rather than through an agent. However, direct insurance companies are only interested in selling your company their products.

Conversely, an independent insurance agent works for you. They analyze your needs and find what works best for your business.

Greater Access to Quality Products

A professional insurance agent has access to far more top-notch carriers than a business owner can find themselves. You’re really doing your business a disservice when you limit your search to online offerings, because there’s much, much more available.

Your insurance agent knows which carriers offer products for your industry, assesses comparable products, and only recommends those with the best value and coverage. They do the legwork – you enjoy the benefits.

Simplify the Complex

Insurance policies are very complicated and not something most business owners fully understand. When you partner with a qualified insurance agent, you can rest assured they consider policy exceptions, exclusions, and limits so you’re not left at risk when you need your coverage the most. They decipher the policy language and explain it to you in simple language so you know what each policy offers.

Reduce Your Risk

A good insurance agent has plenty of experience and training to avoid common insurance pitfalls that can jeopardize your business. They also follow a strict code of ethics and offer unbiased advice.

Let a professional insurance agent pinpoint your risks, close insurance gaps, and better protect your business, affordably.

All Insurance Needs, Under One Roof

Operating a business is already demanding without spending your valuable time on the varied insurance policies you need.

When you work with an insurance agent, they can handle all your commercial insurance requirements and your personal insurance needs under one roof. You don’t need to deal with multiple companies – your agent handles it all.

Local & Accessible

You need an insurance partner you can access easily. If you have a question or need to change your coverage or file a claim, an insurance agent responds quickly since they operate in your area.

They also understand the challenges of living and running a business in your community, because they’re local too. They’ll address potential risks specific to the community, instead of offering generic solutions.

Tailored Insurance

Your local, independent insurance agent always tries to learn more about you and your business to understand your needs. They tailor coverage to protect your interests well and avoid unnecessary coverages. This leads to superior protection for your business and personal assets and more affordable premiums.

Personalized Service

When you choose an insurance agent, they’re a business partner. You receive one-on-one service and speak with the same person every time. It’s their business to provide prompt and thorough replies to your questions and concerns.

They advocate for your business, conduct themselves professionally and honestly, and get to know you. You’re not just another policyholder – you’re their valued partner and they’re eager to serve you well.

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