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Claims Handling

One of the many exclusive services available to Paramount’s esteemed customers is the company’s Claims’ Management department.


Unlike many other agencies, Paramount boasts a dedicated claims service. Instead of having sales and account people tend to a claim, we have specialists that can resolve it expeditiously, with more skill, ending up with a better result for our clients.


Our commitment is to assure you that we manage the claims process from the time an incident occurs until the claim gets closed by regularly communicating with adjusters and ensuring that all aspects of the claim are handled with care. We develop and maintain close working relationships with all of our clients and coordinate and conduct quarterly claims’ reviews. Our goal is to help you successfully conclude the entire claim process in the shortest time and at minimal cost.


In addition, we provide any necessary safety and loss control information that our clients might require, from assisting with injury and illness prevention plans to simply providing easy access to relevant documentation and forms. We have a multitude of safety information on hand and it is our pleasure to provide our clients with all the necessary materials they need.


In the insurance business the claims department is often the place where a company truly distinguishes itself from its competitors. At Paramount, we put tremendous emphasis on this element of insurance. Not that we wish any of our clients to have to go through a claim. But in the event they do, we’re here, and ready to make that procedure go as smoothly as possible.

Karine Agazaryan – Director of Claims and Loss Control

Karine and her expert team have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the claims process.

Consider This

Our goal is to help you successfully conclude the entire claim process in the shortest time and at minimal cost.

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