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Protect Your


California Home Insurance


Your home is your castle, your rock, your place of refuge, and it needs to be treated as such. That means it deserves adequate protection. Paramount Exclusive can help you determine exactly what kind of coverage your home needs.


Unlike auto insurance—where the policies are pretty much the same— a California homeowners insurance policy can be quite different. Please contact your agent for a more comprehensive explanation.


In California, all homeowner policies are “package” policies. That is, you get a group of coverages packaged into your policy for one overall premium. They include coverage on your building, your contents (furniture, clothing, etc.) and liability insurance in case you are sued, under the same policy.


A typical California homeowners insurance policy consists of three things:


  • Declarations Page: This declares who, what and how much you are insuring, the date your coverage starts and the premium
  • Policy Booklet: This contains the details of coverages and exclusions
  • Endorsements: These are separate pages that refer to specific aspects of the policy


To keep the cost of insurance down, your policy typically has limits on certain items. Check your policy carefully. If you see you don’t have enough coverage, find out how much it would cost to increase those limits or to buy special coverage.


Optional Coverage
In addition to special coverage for jewelry, silverware and furs, you can purchase specific coverage for such possessions as collections, fine arts, camera equipment, and musical instruments, to name just a few.


Allow Paramount Exclusive to navigate your way through what can be a confusing choice. Our insurance agents are experts in personal insurance products and can guide you in this most important purchase.

Consider This

Common Perils and damages that may be covered in your policy include hurricane, earthquake, fire and flood, aircraft damage, impact damage, riot and strike, malicious damage, and damage from falling trees.

Let Us Guide You To The Right