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Central To Your


California Commercial Auto Insurance


Your business deserves great insurance, and a big part of that, depending on what type of business you own, of course, is a California Commercial Auto Insurance policy.


A quick discussion with Paramount will help you understand what’s best for your business. We are the experts and will be able to set you straight on the facts. Even if vehicles are not responsible for the primary way your business creates revenue, they can certainly be responsible for your business losing money. Paramount wants you to understand the benefits of having a solid, affordable Commercial Auto Insurance policy.


In California, Commercial Auto often extends to multiple vehicles, and the liability from accidents or claims often, not surprisingly, extends to your business. That is a scary thought, and the chief reason why you’re going to need quality protection. One important consideration we believe deserves special attention is your coverage level. Is it adequate enough to protect your business, not to mention business owners, from any claims? Failure to be adequately insured can be devastating.


Paramount doesn’t want you to be worried about cost. In fact, Commercial Auto Insurance is surprisingly affordable, especially considering how central the protection is to the functionality of your business. With the right coverage, you’ll be confronting issues like comprehensive and collision, emergency roadside assistance, liability, medical payments, loss of earnings, and uninsured motor vehicle head on.

Consider This

A 2016 study found that drivers who have slept for 1 or more hours less than their usual sleep have significantly elevated crash rates.

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