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Guide You

California Business Insurance


When you contact Paramount for your insurance needs, you’ll get something entirely different, something completely unexpected: genuine accountability.


In every aspect of our business, in every department, from sales and service to certificates and claims, Paramount goes above and beyond for its customers. The agency is organized and designed to meet 100% of the needs of its clients, and then some.


Any insurance agency can provide a quote to someone who calls in. But can they offer dedicated account management, an exclusive claims department and standalone customer service? Probably not. Most are short-staffed, and the person who sells your account has to take care of everything else related to the account: claims, certificates, documents, troubleshooting, etc. Not at Paramount. We departmentalize our business, so when you need something specific there’s an expert on our staff that can handle it, address it, and fast.


Paramount knows that choosing the right business or commercial insurance plan for your California business can be difficult and complicated, especially if you’re looking for insurance in the higher risk segments or exposures. So we’ve developed tailored options and programs to adequately service and protect our commercial insurance customers in higher risk areas, including transportation, janitorial, construction, and manufacturing. We share the goals your company sets for itself.


We Partner with You to Address the Risks Your Business Faces


As a business owner, you have a lot of things to think about. Your staff, for example. Your production. Your bottom line. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether your insurance coverage is adequate. You need to be confident that your program is designed with your specific business goals and operation in mind. We at Paramount, led by Shawn Kohen, have assembled a team of trusted advisors to keep an eye on insurance so you can focus on the business, your clients, and the things that really matter. We are proactive in identifying factors that may impact your premiums or alter your risk, and we can provide consulting and risk management options to protect the value your business has created. We are your risk mitigation partners!


In the industry, we at Paramount Exclusive Insurance are regarded as a leading provider. We have built a reputation by working tirelessly, providing unparalleled knowledge, and specializing in impeccable service. Our objective is to communicate with our customers clearly and effectively the many ways our capabilities here can benefit them. We offer diverse resources, quality relationships and great pricing. Why would anyone want to get their insurance anywhere else?

It’s a complex world.

Paramount brings a youthful energy to the insurance business. Our space is gregarious, comfortable, and our agents are good people able to make customers feel welcome. We connect with our customers regularly, enough to know when they need us to listen and when they need us to explain something in plain language. When someone comes to us with a question, we respond immediately. When someone walks into the office for a policy, they walk away with great insurance, a support staff, and a team of talented believers, eager to prove to their customers that no one does it better.


Paramount Exclusive Insurance Services is growing rapidly. Why? Because we are passionate about what we do and we have the momentum to keep striving, to keep moving forward. Each and every day we earn our reputation, never becoming complacent. Our customers trust in us, and know that our business model involves staying motivated, keeping the energy levels high, and taking care of every customer’s unique needs.

Let Us Guide You To The Right