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About Our Agency


Insurance options are overwhelmingly limitless.


There are countless national carriers and ten times that many smaller independent agencies whose clients are expected to navigate the intimidating mess of choices and narrow it down to a few that mostly match what they want.  


We expect ourselves to be available for our clients as much as possible, both in time and compassion. Our agents speak multiple languages so all our clients can feel welcomed, comfortable, and understood. If clients leave feeling heard and treated with absolute priority, we have done our job to Paramount’s standards. No client question, concern, or problem is too small to deserve our immediate attention. In some agencies, certain client matters are put on the back burner and gotten to when there’s time. Our agents don’t work that way. We are fast and motivated and know that if something was important enough for the client to contact us, it’s that important to us as well.


We expect our agency to be a one stop shop and care for our clients every step of the way. We have departments for every insurance imaginable so we can serve our clients no matter how varied their needs may be. Unlike a lot of other local firms, we have a claims department right in house. That means our agents can walk across the office and speak face to face with our claims agents to make sure cases are moving smoothly. We recognize that when clients make a claim, something difficult has happened to them. That sets us moving on double time because we build relationships with our clients that are long standing. We spend time with each client to get a good sense of their needs, wants, and their goals in life. We take things personally. Once we begin working with a client, our agents push to take care of them in any way that they need. Our Paramount agents will repeatedly go to bat for them with adjusters and carriers to make sure they get the best results possible.


Most importantly, we expect ourselves to find better deals and quotes for our clients than any other agency. Paramount has built relationships with over forty A-Rated insurance carriers to make sure that our agents have access to an exceptionally wide net of options. We won’t settle for just compiling quotes and presenting them to our clients. We negotiate with carriers to obtain the lowest quotes possible. Other agencies’ one size fits all policies are quick but are full of needless coverage or lack coverage critical to the client’s needs–or both. Either is unacceptable to us. We expect all our policies to be custom tailored to each individual so that we are meeting 100% of their needs without any extra coverage they don’t want.


Could our agency stay open by operating the way average insurance agencies have been doing it for decades? Absolutely, but we aren’t interested in the status quo. We hold ourselves to a higher standard than that. We work harder, smarter, and climb higher to reach the Paramount standard.

Consider This:

No client question, concern, or problem is too small to deserve our immediate attention.

Let Us Guide You To The Right