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Shawn Kohen


Shawn Kohen founded the agency nearly a decade ago. He worked hard, put the time in—starting from scratch as a telemarketer—and built a successful insurance business. Today, Paramount Exclusive Insurance employs 14 agents, as well as a dozen telemarketers and supports the livelihoods of many families. These days, Shawn focuses on providing solid leadership and continued growth, capitalizing on his early successes to keep the momentum going. Shawn’s reward for his efforts is watching businesses worldwide save money on quality insurance and how they benefit from it. In fact, his goal is to make Paramount one of the top 10 insurance agencies in the world. He’ll do that while also caring for his family, which includes his wife Natalie and his children Ariella and Jayden.

Kristina Rodriguez

Client Service Manager

Kristina Rodriguez oversees the all-important customer side of Paramount’s business, where she keeps her eye on new business and renewals, the servicing of existing clientele, claims management, and the overall administrative workload. Kristina also works together with the marketing department to implement systems that are best-suited to help the department run smoothly. “It gives me great satisfaction to be part of a team that strives each and every day to build this company from the ground up. I’ve had a blast watching it flourish!” At home, Kristina is also busy, tending to the light of her life, a darling 3-year old daughter, with her husband.

Erica Swanson

Director of Operations

A three-year “veteran” of Paramount, Erica Swanson is responsible for the overall management of the work and well-being of Paramount’s employees. “I have learned so much since I started here, and I truly respect the leadership and feel like it’s helped me really grow here.” Erica brought plenty of management experience with her to Paramount and now she happily cultivates that growth by making sure the company gets the best from its people. An identical twin, married, and mom to a little boy named Harley, Erica is intent on doing whatever she has to to ensure Paramount’s continued success in the insurance marketplace. “I enjoy what I do, I respect Shawn and everybody here at the company, and love the passion and energy I feel here every day.”

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